At Cottrell Group , we utilise state-of-the-art human resources software that can be implemented effectively throughout your business.

Our software will equip your business with all the insights and tools it needs to get to know your employees. It collates and organises all the information that has been gathered throughout your employees’ entire life cycle so that you can achieve great things, regardless of whether you’re recruiting a new person for a role, on-boarding a new staff member, building a new workplace culture or preparing compensation. Our HR software is the right tool for you.

What are the features of our HR Software?

Policies and Procedures

Create, issue and monitor compliance

Policies and procedures are a foundation of our culture, accountability, teamwork and growth.


Timesheet Approvals, Cost Centre Reporting and Invoicing

Create cost centres, projects, tasks, assign to employees, enter and approve timesheets, place contractors, create pay runs, invoices and more


Leave Requests, Approvals, Scheduling and Reporting

See a calendar of your employee leave and requests, create, change and communicate rosters.


Hire a new Employee or Contractor

An on boarding process designed to streamline the creation of contracts, approval, issuing and signing, linking into policies and procedures and welcoming.


Expense Requests, Approvals, Claims and Reporting

Set individual and daily expense limits, approvers and approver limits.  Monitor, control and track expenses at cost centre or task level.


Grow business, track opportunities, set tasks and reminders, win work with the C-Connect CRM

Track the history of interactions (emails, SMS, phone calls and notes) attached to contacts and deals, and share this across your business development team.


Recruitment and ATS. Put the vast Cottrell Group Resource in your pocket, Contract, Temp, Perm.

As a HR Platform subscriber, you will have access to the vast Cottrell Group network and recruitment team, at an industry-disrupting price point.  Talk to us, you will smile…


Accessible, Independent, Professional Employee Assistance Program

The C-Connect EAP is provided by independent third party Nexus Psychology, an established provider of psychological services…

HR Consultancy

Cottrell HR Professionals in your team, when you need them

Resolve common issues in the management of people, recruit good people into good roles, roll out policy, procedure ad initiatives, train staff and leaders, create and embed good culture.


Personnel Development Process, Employee Records and Actions

A positive professional development process that your employees will invest in. Guided workflows, reminders and actions.

Templates and DMS

Everyday business document templates. Controlled.

Download and use document templates for offline use, or populate templates within C-Connect, create approval workflows and issue….


Employee and Customer Surveys, Reporting and Actions

Create, Approve and issue tailored surveys to general, public or targeted groups of staff, customers or contacts. View results in real-time, set and assign actions to key staff.


Rapid Roll-Out Custom Solutions by C-Connect

Custom Software Solutions. 100% of your requirements, 0% anything else. Rapid Roll Out (2 to 4 weeks build). Automate business, administration and reporting and empower faster, clearer decisions. Add a custom RROC to your HR platform

What are the benefits of our HR Software?

Our all-in-one HR software comes with a myriad of different features that are ideal for your organisation:

Built for purpose

Built for purpose

Our HR Software was built with small to medium-sized businesses in mind. Our creative solution will help to make things easier and build strong cultures where employees will feel happy to work.

to use

Easy to use

We employ clear and intuitive software that was purpose-built to be easy to set up and use. Your employees will understand it immediately, and they’ll also love using it!

All in
one place

Manage all your data in one place

By using our HR software you’ll be able to effectively manage all your sensitive employee records in one secure, organised database. You won’t need to worry about time-consuming manual administration such as spreadsheets or paper files ever again!

In your

All the HR functions right there in your pocket

Our free mobile application is made for your device, meaning that everyone in your organisation will have access to all the software functions from the convenience of their own pockets.

Quick Decisions

Make prompt, important decisions

Our HR software is designed to prevent bottlenecks or slow approval processes. It comes with workflows that are built-in to the system to keep your work on track and ensure that everything operates smoothly.

Effortless reporting

Effortless reporting

With our reporting and analytics, we’ve made reporting easy! You will be able to create reports quickly, and share them with convenience. The reports that are created will be a “value-add” to your business, meaning that the information they contain will be of strategic value, where it comes to making key decisions with absolute confidence.

New Staff

Hiring and On-Boarding New Staff


Compensating Your Employees


Embedding an Effective Workplace Culture

Hiring and On-Boarding
New Staff

Our HR software enables you to perform effective hiring with the touch of a button! With our app in your pocket you can hire amazing employees from anywhere at any time!

Our expertly created recruitment software will give you the edge above your competitors, with effective applicant tracking to keep your hiring processes moving in a quick, effective and successful manner so that you can look to creating a valuable experience for your candidates.

Create excellent on-boarding processes, with our HR software. We put the power of on-boarding back to you, with electronic signatures and fully-customisable packages to pre-board new staff. Our software comes with easy-to-set up IT checklists and welcome emails.
Save time with e-Signatures, through our e-signatures, you will be able to save time, money and the environment! Instead of wasting paper, you’ll have the convenience of signing off all documents electronically.

Execute effective off-boarding processes. As staff eventually leave your organisation, you will be able to create checklists that ensure compliance and automation, creating and planning an effective off-boarding process for your people.

Your Employees

Our time-tracking feature frees your HR and payroll administrators from cumbersome workflows, making the act of time entry easy for everyone working in your business.

It is crucial for every employee to take leave at some point! So, managing it should be easy! Our leave-tacking software for your employees is a simple and effective piece of technology that will allow work to continue and minimise interruptions.

Your employees will always be paid on time with a fast, easy, and accurate payroll that is fully integrated with our software.

Embedding an Effective
Workplace Culture

With our HR software, you will be able to gain greater knowledge of how happy your people are to work for you. Through intuitive data, you’ll be able to develop a better understanding of whether employees would recommend your business as a good place to work and why, as well as any issues they may be experiencing.

Managing Employee Performance. Our HR software enables you to measure employee appraisals with absolute ease. By applying just a few brief questions which encourage action, you’ll be embedding a positive performance management experience which limits both speculation and subjectivity.